Our Barn Cats

I am always mesmerized by the life of the barn cat, such freedom and mystery. Ours arrived three months ago. Two adult feral cats that desperately needed a safe place to call home. They were not adoptable in the traditional sense. They did not trust humans and we were told that we wouldn’t see them much. And we certainly haven’t. That is, until last week when they began to reveal themselves a little bit more often. They are beginning to trust us.

Sasha enjoys climbing the barn rafters in both the wood shed and sawdust room. He watches me below, as I do chores. He knows my routine. I talk to him. Softly. He always listens.

Salem will only appear in the late afternoon. He suns himself in the warmth of the light as it streams in through the loft doors. He loves the barn loft. There must be lots of hunting opportunities up there. A good fun place for a barn cat.  Salem looks good here. A black cat residing in a pumpkin barn is perfect.

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When they arrived I promised them both that I would provide them with food and water, and a safe place to call home. Perhaps Sasha and Salem feel safe now. Maybe safe is something they have never felt before. They are worthy of that.

{Thank you so much Kitty Cat PAL Society for saving these beautiful feral cats and for all the work you do.}

Shannon xo


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  1. I was just reading your barncat story, I am so glad that you got these feral cats and gave them your barn to live in, what a neat story, I have adopted two cats from kitty cat pals also, and they are strickly indoors. (in the house). They always hide when someone comes over, but they are fine with me and my daughter. They have such wonderful personalities, and we love them very much.Just thought Id share that with you, fellow cat lovers… all the best, Monica.

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