Goat Milk Soap

Behind the old barn door hides a small soap workshop; a treat for the senses. Racks of dried flowers, herbs and spices line the ceiling. Essential oil bottles fill wooden shelves. Buckets of fresh goat’s  milk rest on old wooden tables. The air is scented with loaves of creamy goat milk soap.  Here, our soap is slowly hand-stirred. Here, time takes a back seat. Each batch of soap making consumes  a whole day, and the soap then cures for eight weeks.

We take pride in hand crafting our soap in small batches, using only the finest whole organic herbs, fruits and flowers grown in our fields; pure therapeutic grade essential oils; cold pressed oils and butters; and fresh milk from our happy goats, who spend their days foraging the meadows and hedgerows on our farm.

Every bar contains fifty percent milk. Our soaps are free from SLS/SLES, preservatives, artificial colour and fragrance.