The Muscovy’s.

We don’t know where they came from.

 Maggie arrived first, in early December. She was mysteriously all of a sudden here, seemed to have flown in on the wind. Maggie only stayed a couple of days. Then simply vanished. And came back again. I always welcomed her back, and spoiled her a wee bit.  I often gathered peas from the freezer, also raisins and oats from my pantry. Might as well make Maggie’s farm-stays enjoyable I decided. However, she never stayed longer than a day or two.

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Then on Christmas day at precisely 2:00pm, as if on que, we watched two birds fly over the farmhouse and land behind the barn. Maggie had arrived with a friend. Miss Mallory. How perfect I thought, remembering a favorite quote!

“Christmas is a togethery sort of holiday,” said Pooh. “That’s my favorite kind,” said Piglet.

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That night Maggie and Mallory feasted on cheerios, oats, wheat, barley, carrots, mashed potatoes, bread stuffing, and Brussel sprouts.

A grand Christmas dinner.

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Maggie and Mallory haven’t left the farm since.

2014-12-25 2014-12-25 001 054

Perhaps they have decided to call Shamrock Farm, home.

For now at least.

I couldn’t be happier.

Shannon xo


6 thoughts on “The Muscovy’s.

  1. What a beautiful Christmas gift to Shamrock Farms..hope Maggie and Mallory stay forever!! They will be a wonderful addition to your Happy Family – what a Feast they had! 🙂 Love your photos… t.y. for sharing.. Happy New Year from “Aziza Muffet Pizza” cat and myself! <3 Keep on blogging.. 🙂

    • Hi Andrea,
      I hope so.
      But I have a feeling they have plans to travel more, go on another adventure, this spring. Time will tell.

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